Discussing Who is God with a Jehovah’s Witness

Live Conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness Discussing Who is God

This video features a recent conversation that Christy Darlington and her Jehovah’s Witness friend had discussing who God is from the Watchtower’s Good News From God brochure. Using lesson 2 of this brochure, Christy was able to discuss the differences between the Watchtower view of Jehovah God and the Christian view.

During this conversation, Christy asked her Jehovah’s Witness friend about the Watchtower view of the Angel of Jehovah references in the Old Testament. This study on the Angel of the LORD (Jehovah) is fascinating because we see images of a Being who is called both “Jehovah God” and “man” and His descriptions support the early Christian view that saw these references as pictures of the pre-incarnate Christ.


Is Jesus Christ the Angel of the LORD? Appendix – Yes, You Should Believe in the Trinity

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