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10 Jehovah’s Witness Facts

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Who We Are – Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses for Jehovah

Many who are in the process of leaving the Watchtower organization or are thinking of leaving may not want to think about religion. In fact, many who leave have totally rejected religion. Although our website is affiliated with the Christian ministry Witnesses for Jesus, Inc., we are not a religion or a church. We are a non-profit Christian ministry committed to sharing the biblical perspective on Jehovah’s Witness beliefs and practices and most of our funding comes through individual people who believe in our mission, vision and values.

Facts Jehovah's Witnesses Need to Know about Christmas



There is a historical basis for the December 25th date of Christ’s birth. Justin Martyr (100-165 A.D.) wrote Marcus Aurelius that Jesus was born at Bethlehem "as you can ascertain also from the registers of the taxing” (First Apology on behalf of the Christians, 34). Tertullian (160-250) noted “the census of Augustus — that most faithful witness of the Lord’s nativity, kept in the archives of Rome” (Against Marcion, Book 4, 7). Cyril of Jerusalem (348-386) asked Julius to assign Christ’s birth date “from census documents brought by Titus to Rome” from which Julius assigned the date of December 25th. Likewise, John Chrysostom, who lived about 347-407, wrote that Christ’s December 25th birthday was supported by the tax or census records still existing in his day that showed their registration at Bethlehem.

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Holidays - Refuting Jehovah's Witnesses

Holidays - Refuting Jehovah's Witnesses

Reprinted from the book Refuting Jehovah's Witnesses by Randall Watters

Biblical Overview

There are a number of religious groups claiming to be Christian that deny the celebration of holidays to their members, including Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Mother's Day, etc. This is especially the case with Jehovah's Witnesses. While there are some Witnesses who celebrate these holidays secretly for fear of being caught, most take pride in this prohibition. Parents are willing to allow their children to suffer much peer pressure and isolation, and are perfectly willing to isolate themselves from their families during holiday times, even taking the opportunity to go door-to-door during these seasons of celebration. What are the reasons given for this stand against holidays? Is it wrong to celebrate holidays?

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