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I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, but I never felt like I fit in at the Kingdom Hall. In 2008, as I was in the process of working to gain acceptance by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, my brother and sister who had left Jehovah’s Witnesses before me began to reach out to me in love, using the resources on this website. I soon gave my life to Christ and was then able to lead my wife Kaci to Christ as well. Now my walk with Jesus is so great. I love my Savior!

Since I grew up in an abusive home where my father was an alcoholic and addicted to drugs, the Jehovah’s Witnesses never completely embraced me as one of their own, because they feared that I would act like my father. So, although most of my family currently practice the Jehovah’s Witness religion, I was never deeply involved.

Despite my inability to fit in at the Kingdom Hall, I did, however, hold solidly to all of the doctrines of the Watchtower Society and believed that I knew it better than most Witnesses. I read the Bible from front to back several times before the age of 21. So, I wanted more than anything to become a dedicated servant of the Watchtower Society. I became an unbaptized publisher and that is as far as I made it in the organization before I left it completely.

I was always uncomfortable around people of this religion because of the hypocrisy I had witnessed in the Kingdom Hall. Yet, I believed they had “the truth,” so I continued to work to gain approval from them. Then, in 2008 as I was making another fruitless attempt to be approved by the Witnesses, my Christian brother and sister-in-law approached me to talk about my beliefs.

For several years, my sister had been reading the information about Jehovah’s Witnesses she found on this website. Throughout the years, she had been sending me material to read and occasionally I would glance at it, but I never truly gave it much thought until I started researching on my own.

About that time, my brother Andrew, whose testimony is also here on this site, also accepted to Christ and purchased the book Crisis of Conscience by former Governing Body member, Ray Franz. He gave that book to me and I read it. It completely tore my world upside down. I discovered that everything I thought was truth was actually a lie. I learned that “the truth” is not to be found in a religion but only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It was then that I gave my life to Christ and was immediately baptized as a Christian. I have not looked back since.

This website was instrumental in bringing me out of the Jehovah’s Witness religion, and I am thankful to God and my brothers and sisters in Christ who were also part of the process. After I accepted Christ, I led my wife Kaci to Christ and together we serve the Lord. Amen!

Now my walk with Jesus is so great. I love my Savior! My day consists of waking up and reading the Bible, studying the Word and praying. I love God. I adore Him. In fact, He has always been with me every step of the way. I now realize why He never let me get close or deep into the Jehovah’s Witness religion. He has always been protecting me.

Every day is such a great day now. Of course, I have ups and downs in my spiritual walk, but I have the Holy Spirit now. I have joy, freedom in Christ, love and peace. I am no longer afraid of the demonic spirit world. I just love my God. He is so loving. He is my Father. I speak to Him, listen to Him and love Him. I am, just to put it plainly, more in love with Him than anything else on this planet, even my life. I am just so passionate about Him, I could go on and on. He is worthy of it. I love Him, love Him, love Him.

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