Changes in the Beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses


“It is a serious matter to represent God and Christ in one way, then find that our understanding of the major teachings and fundamental doctrines of the Scriptures was in error, and then after that, to go back to the very doctrines that, by years of study, we had thoroughly determined to be in error. Christians cannot be vacillating — ‘wishy-washy’ — about such fundamental teachings. What confidence can one put in the sincerity or judgment of such persons?” (The Watchtower, May 15, 1976, p. 298)






Will Sodom be resurrected?

Yes: 1879-1951

No: 1952-1964

Yes 1965-1988

No: 1988

Identity of the “Superior authorities” of Romans 13:1

Human Government: 1879-1929

Jehovah and Jesus Christ: 1929-1962

Human Government: 1963-present

Identity of the “Faithful and Wise servant” of Matt. 24

A class of people: 1879-1897

An individual: 1897-1928

A class of people: 1929-present

Michael the Archangel

Not Jesus: 1879

Is the Pope: 1917

Is Jesus: 1920-Present

Should Jesus be “worshipped”?

Yes: 1879-1953

No: 1954-present

Jesus referred to what when he said, “This is my body”?

The church: 1953-1955

His body of flesh: 1956-present

Date for the Beginning of Christ’s “invisible” presence

In 1874: 1879-1929

In 1914: 1929-present

Jesus died on a cross or a torture stake?

Cross: 1879-1935

Torture stake: 1936-present

Are Organ Transplants permissible for Jehovah’s Witnesses?

No cannibalism 1967 – 1979

Yes: 1980- present

Celebrating Christmas and birthdays

Yes: 1879-1926

No: 1927-present

Supporting War and Politics

Yes: 1879-1935

No: 1936-present

Great Pyramid in Egypt

God’s Witness: 1879 –1927

Satan’s Bible: 1928– Present

Testimony of Fred Franz of the Watchtower Society at a 1954 Trial in Scotland:

“QUESTION: So that what is published as the truth today by the Society may have to be admitted to be wrong in a few years?
“ANSWER: We have to wait and see.
“QUESTION: And in the meantime the body of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been following error?
“ANSWER: They have been following misconstructions on the Scriptures.
“ANSWER: Well. error.” (Douglas Walsh Trial, 1954, p. 114)

EPHESIANS 4:14-15: “As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves, and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, and craftiness in deceitful scheming.”


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