Jehovah’s Witnesses and Healing Miracles

Resurrection of Jesus


I have a sister who I rarely see who has been a Jehovah’s Witness for over 35 years. Last week, I was visiting another sister and my Jehovah’s Witness sister showed up, much to my surprise and delight. In a conversation with about ten of our family members, I said something about how I had been healed of Multiple Sclerosis, but this was received with a quick glare from my Jehovah’s Witness sister.  My church family, my husband and I had been praying for a long time for my healing.  I had taken a shot every day to keep the symptoms at bay, until God miraculously healed me.  I stopped taking my shots, and not only have the daily symptoms gone away, but my physical abilities that the disease had robbed me of have now returned. I can now taste and smell, my short-term memory has improved, and I now have the ability to walk farther than ten feet without having to sit and rest.  Why did my sister react when she heard about my healing?  Someone told me that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that healing is from Satan.  Is this true?  Has the Watchtower ever addressed this issue?  I have plenty of Scripture from the Bible on healing, but what are they being told? Continue reading “Jehovah’s Witnesses and Healing Miracles”