Kojo – ex-testigos de Jehová

KOJO – Al descubrir los errores de la doctrina de la Watchtower, él se fue para seguir a Cristo.

Comenzó asociándose con la Watchtower en 1996 y fue bautizado como testigo de Jehová en el 2000. Sin embargo, en el mes de Agosto del 2012, recibió una comprensión más profunda de la Biblia, lo que le permitió ver que todas las creencias de la Watchtower eran inexactas. Es más, escribió a las oficinas centrales de la Watchtower para revisar aquellas creencias y prácticas. Poco después, Kojo descubrió que la Sociedad Watchtower NO CONOCE a Jesucristo, así que se desasoció de la organización para buscar a Jesús. Por medio de la ayuda del sitio Web (4witness.org – Witnesses for Jesus), descubrió a Jesucristo como LA VERDAD y LA VIDA y EL CAMINO.

I joined the Watchtower in 1996 after graduating from Junior high school at the age of 15 years, on my own volition without any prior studies from the Watchtower Organization as was and is the practice. Not a single member of my immediate and extended family expressed interest in the Watchtower Organization, but this did not bother me.

Almost immediately, I started engaging in preaching from house to house with an un-baptized Jehovah’s Witness. In 1997 and in 2000, I dedicated myself to God by water baptism. After baptism, I became more zealous and committed to preaching and teaching throughout the period of my Secondary, Post Secondary and University Education.

This was so because I had been convinced by the Watchtower twisted doctrines that this religion was God’s only earthly organization to lead all who heed the preaching message to salvation because I was taught that all the existing Christians denominational churches were false. I became convinced sincerely because I learned that for a particular denomination to pass the test of truth, all of its core doctrines and beliefs must be founded in the Bible. I was taught that this was not the case with the existing denominations because they taught the following teachings and views: Celebrating Christmas and Birthdays, Not preaching the Kingdom message from house to house but on medium of communications, teaching of eternal torment of the wicked in fire, Immortality of the soul, Trinity doctrine and heavenly hope for all righteous people, just to mention a few of the doctrines rejected by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Shockingly, in 4th of August 2012, new development unraveled in my understanding of the Bible about some of the Watchtower’s key doctrines which have been accepted and propagated as truth, but turned out to be wrong and inaccurate. These beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses include: only 144000 believers are to partake of the Lord’s Evening Meals, The Archangel Michael is Jesus Christ, Little Flock meant small size or number, and Other sheep at John 10:16 as great crowd with earthly hope. All of these doctrines were wrong so I wrote to the Watchtower Society to correct its position on these teachings and doctrines.

Nevertheless it raised serious alarm and meditation about the truthfulness of the so-called Governing Body leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses or Faithful and discreet slave (false title).  In the final analysis, I became extremely convinced after a month of serious discoveries and meditations on the Bible that the Watchtower is false. So quickly I wrote to the body of ELDERS whom I had informed about these distortions that I am no longer considering myself to be a membership of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and henceforth I severed any ties with the Watchtower Organization.

Coincidentally, one week after leaving the Watchtower Society, I then encountered this amazing website (4witness.org) with overwhelming proof of the Watchtower’s Fallacies. In fact, it bolstered my determination to search for Christ Jesus, whom I have embraced heartily and who has now changed my life from falsehood to the truth of the Bible.


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