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FACT #1: The Jehovah’s Witnesses belief that Jesus is Michael the Archangel is different from the Biblical View of Christ.   

FACT #2: The Watchtower Teaching that Jesus is “NOT the mediator for All Mandkind” prevents Jehovah’s Witnesses from receiving forgiveness of sins.

FACT #3: There is not a single verse in the Bible that supports the Watchtower teaching that only 144,000 people go to Heaven.

FACT #4: The Watchtower teaching that only 144,000 are worthy enough to be spiritually adopted out of Satan’s family into God’s family causes Jehovah’s Witnesses to displease God, stops them from belonging to Christ, and blocks their ability to understanding the spiritual things of God.

FACT #5: By refusing to partake of the Emblems in the Memorial meal, Jehovah’s Witnesses are kept from receiving Eternal Life.

FACT #6: The Watchtower Bible Translation of Jehovah’s Witnesses distorts the Deity of Jesus Christ.

FACT #7: The Watchtower View of Christ’s Resurrection resembles Reincarnation more than it does a true Biblical Resurrection.

FACT #8: The Jehovah’s Witness Shunning Policy Leaves No Honorable Way Out

FACT #9: The Warning of Jesus at Matthew 24:23-24 that False Prophets would claim that His presence began when He had not yet come invalidates the Jehovah’s Witness claim to be the only true religion because for 50 years they falsely proclaimed Christ’s presence began in 1874. 

FACT #10: The Watchtower’s Ban on Blood Transfusions Disagrees with God’s Law on Blood and has cost countless unnecessary deaths in the name of God.

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