Lies and Cover-Ups in Watchtower History

Charles Taze Russell10 Questions For Jehovah’s Witnesses on Watchtower History

Jehovah God is a God of Truth. Since God “cannot lie” (Titus 1:2), it stands to reason that He would not be behind an organization that lies to cover-up its history. If the Watchtower is dishonest about its history, what does this say about its claim to represent God?

1. Did the Watchtower claim that they “never” published a biography of Pastor Russell?

“But, is it true you have never published a biography of Pastor Russell? … That’s right. Jehovah’s Witnesses admire the qualities he possessed as a man, but were we to give the honor and credit to Pastor Russell, we would be saying that the works and success were his; but Jehovah’s witnesses believe it is God’s spirit that guides and directs his people.” Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose, 1959, p. 63 (View PDF of the page)

2. What “Biography” was published in the 1923-1927 editions of the Watchtower book, The Divine Plan of the Ages, volume 1 of their Studies in the Scriptures series?

Biography of Pastor Russell… Charles Taze Russell, known the world over as Pastor Russell, author, lecturer and minister of the gospel, was born at Pittsburgh, Pa, February 16, 1852.” The Divine Plan of the Ages, 1886, 1925ed, p. 1 (View PDF of the page)

3. Since the evidence accuses the Watchtower Society of dishonesty in their 1959 history book, does the Society now admit that they published Russell’s biography?

“A brief biography of Russell along with his will and testament was published in The Watch Tower of December 1, 1916, as well as in subsequent editions of the first volume of Studies in the Scriptures.” Jehovah’s Witnesses — Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom, 1993, p. 64 (View PDF of the page)

4. Why do you think the Watchtower covered-up Russell’s Biography for over 30 years (from 1959 to 1993)? Is there a significant statement to be found in the December 1, 1916 Watch Tower that was dedicated to Russell and his biography?

“Charles Taze Russell, thou hast, by the Lord, been crowned a king; and through the everlasting ages they name shall be known amongst the people, and thy enemies shall come and worship at thy feet.”The Watch Tower, December 1, 1916, p. 377 (View PDF of the page)

5. If the Jehovah’s Witnesses were engaged in “creature worship” of Charles Russell after his death, why would Jesus have appointed this organization to be God’s representative on earth?

“…the idea adopted by many was that C. T. Russell himself was the ‘faithful and wise servant.’ This led some into the snare of creature worship.”1975 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses, p. 88 (View PDF of the page)

6. Does the Watchtower claim that in 1933 the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Berlin held to an “immovable neutral position” that refused to support the “ideology” of Hitler and his regime?

“An appeal for understanding… Jehovah’s Witnesses organized a convention in Berlin, Germany, on June 25, 1933. Some 7,000 persons assembled… The immovable neutral position of the Witnesses, along with their loyalty to God’s Kingdom, was unacceptable to the Hitler government. The Nazis did not intend to tolerate any refusal to support their ideology.”Awake! August 22, 1995, pp. 6-7 (View PDF of these pages)

7. According to the 1934 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses, what did the Jehovah’s Witnesses actually tell Hitler regarding their “position” toward the “principles advocated by the government of Germany”?

“The greatest and the most oppressive empire on earth is the Anglo-American empire… It has been the commercial Jews of the British-American empire that have built up and carried on Big Business as a means of exploiting and oppressing the peoples of many nations… The present government of Germany has declared emphatically against Big Business oppressors and in opposition to the wrongful religious influence in the political affairs of the nation. Such is exactly our positionInstead of being against the principles advocated by the government of Germany, we stand squarely for such principles.” 1934 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses, pp. 134-136 (View PDF of these pages)

8. Does the Watchtower claim that “adjustments” in the organization’s viewpoints have never been to “previous points of view”?

“At times explanations given by Jehovah’s visible organization have shown adjustments, seemingly to previous points of view. But this has not actually been the case.” The Watchtower, December 1, 1981, p. 27 (View PDF of the page)

9. Is it true that the Watchtower’s viewpoint never changed to a “previous point of view”? What has the Watchtower taught concerning whether the Sodomites would be resurrected? What has the Society taught concerning the meaning of the “superior authorities” or “higher powers” at Romans 13:1? When the Society’s teachings switch back to old views, how can this be called “new light?” Isn’t this really “old light” revisited?

1886 Sodomites Resurrected = Yes!
“Thus our Lord teaches that the Sodomites did not have a full opportunity; and he guarantees them such opportunity… it implies their awakening, their coming from the tomb.”The Divine Plan of the Ages, 1886, pp. 110-111 (View PDF of these pages)

1952 Sodomites Resurrected = No!
“…that Sodom had already undergone the ‘judicial punishment of everlasting fire.’…Similarly, Sodom did not endure its judgment day, had failed completely, and the Jews knew its fate was sealed.”—The Watchtower, June 1, 1952, p. 338 (View PDF of the page)

1982 Sodomites Resurrected = Yes!
“By saying this, Jesus showed that at least some of the unrighteous people of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah will be present on earth during Judgment Day. Although they had been very immoral, we can expect that some of them will be resurrected.”—You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth, 1982, p, 178 (View PDF of the page)

1989 Sodomites Resurrected = No!
“Will such terrible wicked persons be resurrected during Judgment Day? The scriptures indicate that apparently they will not… Yes, for their excessive immorality the people of Sodom and of the surrounding cities suffered a destruction from which they will apparently never be resurrected.”—You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth, 1989ed, p, 178 (Note: Same book and page number, but a different edition date) (View PDF of the page)

1886 “Higher Powers” = Human Governments
“They taught the Church to obey the laws, and to respect those in authority because of their office… to offer no resistance to any established law. (Rom. 13:1-7; Matt. 22:21)… Though the powers that be, the governments of this world, were ordained or arranged for by God… ” —The Divine Plan of the Ages, 1886, p. 266 (View PDF of the page)

1935 “Higher Powers” = Jehovah God and Jesus Christ
“(Rom. 13:1) Do not these words from the Scripture mean that the men who fill the offices of the state or nation are the ‘higher powers’ and that we must all obey them in order to please God? No; that is not the meaning of that scripture… To such the ‘higher powers’ are God and Christ Jesus…”—Loyalty, 1935, p. 6 (View PDF of the page)

1963 “Higher Powers” = Human Governments
“…God permitted the political authorities of this world to continue as the ‘higher powers’ or the ‘powers that be,’ which are ‘ordained of God.’ ”—“Babylon the Great Has Fallen,” 1963, p. 548 (View PDF of the page)

10. Do you agree that, “A new view of truth never can contradict a former truth. ‘New Light’ never extinguishes older ‘light’ but adds to it.”—Zion’s Watch Tower, February 1881, p. 3, Reprints p. 188? (View PDF of the page) Do you really want to be associated with a religion that has not been “honest” with you?

“Knowing these things, what will you do? It is obvious that the true God, who is himself ‘the God of truth’ and who hates lies, will not look with favor on persons who cling to organizations that teach falsehood… And, really, would you want to be even associated with a religion that had not been honest with you?”—Is This Life All There Is?, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1974,p. 46 (View PDF of the page)


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