If Jehovah hates homosexuals, why did he create me this way?



“I have always wondered why Jehovah dislikes homosexuals. At an early age, I knew I was different from others. I have had these feelings since I was five years old. Believe me, I did not choose to be this way. I was teased and harassed about this all the way through school, so why would anyone want to be gay?  Since Jehovah created me this way, why would He hate me?  Currently, I am a transvestite and in a few months, I plan to have surgery to change my sex.  My parents who are Jehovah’s Witnesses do not agree with my choice, but I feel that changing my gender is the only way I can deal with these feelings and feel accepted.  I love Jehovah God, but I need to get a new and real life. Can you help me?” Continue reading “If Jehovah hates homosexuals, why did he create me this way?”

Jehovah’s Witness View of Transgenders, Homosexuals, and Lesbians

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“Hello, I have a quick question. I am wondering what do the Jehovah’s Witnesses think of someone who is transgender? Do they reject them as they do homosexuals and lesbians?”


Dear friend,

Although your question is a quick one, it does not have simple answer. Whether you are a transgender yourself or are asking this question for a friend of yours, the issues surrounding this subject are complex. Jehovah’s Witnesses view a transgender as a homosexual. So, in spite of the sex change, a transgender would not be accepted into the Watchtower organization any more than a homosexual or lesbian would be accepted, because they would view a transgender in the original gender that they were born with. For justification of their position, Jehovah’s Witnesses would appeal to the Bible’s condemnation of this practice at Romans 1:24-27: Continue reading “Jehovah’s Witness View of Transgenders, Homosexuals, and Lesbians”

Kevin – Ex-Jehovah’s Witness


.: THE TESTIMONY OF KEVIN – An Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Delivered from Homosexuality

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I was born in Connecticut as the youngest of four children in 1955 when gas was still $.39 per gallon. At this time in culture, people didn’t talk about homosexual feelings. It was taboo to even insinuate such things. When the word “gay” was used, people would not think of homosexuality. Instead, they would think of being “happy” or a having “joyful” time, like a festival.  So, people wouldn’t say, “he’s queer” or “he’s different.”  If someone used the term “queer,” it made you feel that you were really a FREAK of nature.  And you were totally ostracized from society. So, to be sensitive, people would just say, “He’s one of THOSE.”

My mother did not know how to show affection.  Never once did she cuddle, hug me or tell me that she loved me.  My first recollection of her is a statement in which she told me:

“You were a mistake. I wish I never had you. You remind me of a BEAST!”  Continue reading “Kevin – Ex-Jehovah’s Witness”